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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre TV & Film:


Films on Trial
Films on Trial

The Rewind Movie Podcast
The Rewind Movie Podcast

Predator Minute Podcast
Jon and Jeff

Capturing Light - A Director of Photography's Podcast
Director of Photography, Cinematography, Lighting, Filmmaking, and Digital Video

Horror PSA

Michael Likes Stuff
Michael Clinger

Próximo Episódio | Podcast sobre TV Séries

Drang Podcast |
Amin Matin

The Screen Queens
Tope Eletu-Odibo

Reel Rendezvous
Hunter and Brett

GSMC Classics: Jerry at Fair Oaks
GSMC Drama Network

Prime Video Talks by Alex & Sigge
Perfect Day Media

I Watch More Movies Than You
Ken Palmer

Secret Group of Brown Kids at the Movies
Secret Group of Brown Kids

3BlackGeeks Podcast
Dee Shaw, Arris Waterman, Christopher Powell


Pulling These
Pulling These Podcast

The Movie Pals Podcast
Movie Reviews by James, Marco, Nabil & Mikey.

the Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast
TruStory FM

Munsons at the Movies
Munsons at the Movies

The All Around Podcast
Garrison Thomas

Diskotek (Diskusi Korea Cetek)
Diskotek Podcast

Nexus Wandler Podcasts
Nexus Wandler

Suck My Dick Kill Myself
Owen, Kellen and Mattspew