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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre TV & Film:


Podcast Under The Stairs

Copilots Review
Joshua Johnson, Copilots Review, Justice Johnson

Die Serie vor lauter Wald nicht sehen

DCOM Mission

Let's Shoot! with Pete Chatmon
Pete Chatmon


Kiss My Mike
Mike Talplacido

Film Spill
Film Spill

For Light and Life

Rupees Over Ramen
James Candland

Finally, Girl!
Michael Richter and Eliza Farrell

Popcorn, Fear and 2 Queers
Jeff & Nico

Sonido Graba - 4 idiotas mantienen charlas semi incoherentes sobre cine, con algo de comedia
Sonido Graba

It Be Like That!
IBLT Podcast Network

THE GRID: A Queer Power Rangers Podcast
Morphin Legacy

Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist
Willie Geist, Sunday TODAY

Jude Vais & Stef Midlock

Yes, Another Teen Movie
Jemma O'Leary & Heather Renton

Capivaras Trancadas
Ricardo Almeida

NYD Productions


Body Snatched
Dutch Tomas Zack

Much Abu About Nothing
Misha & Tyler