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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Investing:


finanzoptimist's podcast
Philipp Achenbach

Financial Wise Radio
Financial Wise Radio

Living Off Rentals
Kirby Atwell

The EPFR Exchange Podcast
Kirsten Longbottom & Cameron Brandt

DirectorsTalk Interviews
Giles Arbor

The Accidental Landlord
Peter McKenzie

Mastering the Trader's Mind
Mike Ser


The Caring Advisor
Elizabeth Brickman

Data Gurus Podcast | Insights on Business Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Market Research & Data Collection
Sima Vasa

Between the Bells
Bell Direct

Holistic Investment w Constantin Kogan
Constantin Kogan

Make Retirement Work
Marc Werkmeister

Adventure On Purpose
Dani Kangas

Odd Lots

The Unconstrained Podcast (Myles Wakeham)

The Unconstrained Podcast (Myles Wakeham)

Saranac Partners
Saranac Partners

The Advisor Financing Forum
SkyView Partners

L'Espresso des March├ęs

Doug Casey's Take
Matthew Smith

Legacy Listens
Legacy Planning


The FIRE Belgium Show
FIRE Belgium