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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre History:


Awany Desya Offcial
Awany Desya Ramadhany

Where Our Minds Wander
Wes & Beth

Fabric of Folklore
Fabric of Folklore

Dollops for Donuts
Nate Weaver and Art Biggs

Tales of Britain and Ireland
Tales of Britain and Ireland.

Roman's Show
The World Study

Filmtieftauchen - Der Film-Podcast mit historischem Faktencheck
Susann Schaumkessel, Sven Richter und Marcel Frank

Campfire Stories
Aaron Sauerland

Storie di Biologia
Edoardo Palazzetti

La Máquina del Tiempo
Paulina Daniel

Radio Ambulante Studios, Inc.

HOPE not hate
Hope Not Hate

Ghoulish Tendencies
Gabi Fiore & Kim Douthit

Patriot Lessons: American History and Civics (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.)
Michael Warren

El Bestiario del Conde Fabregat

The Incredible Journey
Gary Kent


The Richard Nixon Experience
Randal Wallace

Explaining History
Nick Shepley

Left Anchor
Ryan Cooper & Alexi the Greek

The Rewilding Podcast w/ Peter Michael Bauer
Peter Michael Bauer

The History Podcast with Neil Oliver
Fat Belly Films

T'as qui en Histoire ?