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Music Commentary Podcasts

Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Music Commentary:


The Violin Geek Podcast
Laurel Thomsen

Decibel Geek Podcast
DBG Productions

Concert Cast
Kyle Lamont

Wake Up Call

Country Confidential
All Country News

Klang Magazine
Klang Magazine

Inside the Musician's Brain
Christopher Pandolfi / Osiris Media

Douze Points! - The Eurovision Podcast
Douze Points Podcast

Chorus Vs. Chorus
Elemeno Media


Glass Onion Beatles Podcast
Glass Onion Beatles Podcast

Stub Me Down

From Rushers with Love
Girl Time


Sounds Good To Me
Sounds Good to Me

Rock Guitar Confidential with Scott Allen and Ryan Bowe
Scott Allen and Ryan Bowe

The Blues Guitar Show
Ben Martin

The Missi Information Superhighway
Alice and Missi Information

The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones | Podcast
TEJ/Old Soul Productions

DetrĂ¡s del productor

Dudes Talk Rock
Dudes Talk Rock

The Corner
Matthew Wood (Rusted Truck Productions)

Cutt From A Different Cloth
Wolfpack Entertainment

Double Down Podcast
Double Down