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Wrestling Podcasts

Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Wrestling:


The Dirty Sheets
The Dirty Sheets

Nerd Empire Wrestling Podcast
Nerd Empire Wrestling

SLTD Wrestling Roundtable
SLTD Wrestling Roundtable Podcast

SLAM! The Podcast
SLAM! The Podcast

Fantasy Wrestling Talk

Podcasket Match
Podcasket Match

The Wrestling Time Machine Podcast
Wrestling Time Machine Podcast

This Is Pro Wrestling
Gary Horne

AWA Unleashed
Chris Tubbs

Shoots n Ladders: A 90s Wrestling Podcast
Shoots n Ladders

The Superkick Party Massacre Podcast

Ladies Wrestling Showcase
Astrid Pizarro

The Wrestling Wrealm
Wrestling Wrealm

Monte & The Pharaoh
Monte & The Pharaoh

Blood Time
Peter Cimoroni

Crossbody of Work
Full Press Coverage

Dan and Benny In the Ring
Dan Sebastiano & Benny Scala

Unplugged Pro Wrestling
Jesse Velasquez

Two Words
John & Radio Matt

The Tinfoil Mat
Collin Wiemer

Kick To The Gut! Wrestling Podcast
Kick To The Gut!

In The Kliq (Pro Wrestling Podcast)
Baby Huey & BrianTronic

The Triple C and Schmo Show
Henry Cejudo & The Schmo

The First Shot: A Wrestling Pod