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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre TV Reviews:


Haim Gurov-Gelbart & Zafrir Grosman


The Emi Awards
Emiliana Cardinale

El BĂșnker De Los Letrados
Luna Marino & Julian Mesina

Magic Winx Clubhouse
Magic Winx Clubhouse

Euphoria: A Post Show Recap
Grace Leeder & Aman Adwin

DC on RMD: Superman & Lois Edition
Rain Man Digital

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot !
Dave Lee and Yannick Mauray

Above Deck
with Sarah & Kelli

Dan Morrison

IstenEst: A Podcast
Istenes Bence

Six Seasons & a Podcast
Rewatchable Media

Just My Opinion Reviews
Brandon K. Avery

Severed: The Ultimate Severance Podcast
Allen Stare

Portal Refil

ClickerBait: The Last of Us TV Show Podcast
JK! Games!

Plus Two Comedy/Stay Doomed
2 Comedy

Kamen Ride With Me: A Kamen Rider Podcast
James Dorrington

Devil Details: A Podcast For Black Bird
Little Dribble

First Contact: The Next Generation Introcast
A Star Trek Podcast from

TV Podcast Industries
Chris Jones, Derek O'Neill and John Harrison. TV Podcast Industries

The 138th Simpsons Podcast
The Annoyed Grunt Boys

The Box Office Show
Ryan Hill, Dylan Johnson

The Bones Booth: A Bones Podcast
The Bones Booth