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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre After Shows:


Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension
Anthony Williams, Don Smith, Julie Filipek, Reilly Schreck

The Simpsons Index
The Simpsons Index

The Kolchak Tapes
The Projection Booth

The Real Brady Bros
Wynnefield Productions

Akte X-Cast
Hendrik Meyerhof & Oliver Glasner

Life After Dark
Zachary Cummins

Spin on Reality podcast
Brittany Patton

Afternoon Tea with the DamFam
Afternoon Tea with the DamFam

Plano Corto
Almudena Ariza

In the 'Verse Song Crafting
Marc Gunn, Mikey Mason

The Challenge Chat Podcast
The Challenge Chat Podcast

All Things Realitea TV
Laith M. & Champagne H.

secret life of two gay american teenagers
jesse & erin

The Fringe Podcast Rewatch
The Fringe Podcast Rewatch

The Streaming Heap
Lin Htat & Eric Magill

No Book Club: A Yellowjackets Podcast
We Made This

Bald Move Pulp
Bald Move

Yeah, THAT Can't Be Good - A Eureka Re-Watch
Vickie, Dud, Kym, Skip, Doug, DC

Hot Dog City

Wicked Good Show

Popcorns All Things
Taneeta Baylor

Talking Ted

Première et Unique
Ben et Manu