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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Film Reviews:


Distracted: Quartet of Chaos
Distracted: Quartet of Chaos

Im Autokino
Max und Nanoo

Take 97: A Film Podcast
David Ingram

Oscar Bait
Oscar Bait

Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion

Cage Old Question
Artoun Nazareth

Jay Light

The Lost Drive-In
LSG Media

Kalebs Kung Fu Cinema
Kaleb Bryant

What Would Mom Do Podcast?
River Run Productions

Ali Talks
Ali Abdullah Motamed

Beast Gang - Movie and TV Reviews
Beast Gang

Mac & Gu Movie Club
Mac & Gu

Retro Movie Roundtable
Russell Guest, Bryan Frye, Chad Robinson, Dustin Melbardis, Lizzy Haynes

DCOM, Cool, and Collected
Kelly Davis; Elizabeth Helm

Horror for Dummies Podcast

The NausicaƤst

Choose Film: A Reel Retrospective
Rebecca Riddell & Gary J Hewitt

Rage, You Nerds

DreamJerks Podcast - Every DreamWorks Film
DreamJerks Podcast

Headlong Into Monsters
Headlong into Monsters

REEL Film Reviewed
Kris Chaney

Anime Shoshin
Blake & Merve

Salute Your Skorts: Pod of the 90s
Chloe and Sarah