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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Film Reviews:


Horror PSA

Reel Rendezvous
Hunter and Brett

I Watch More Movies Than You
Ken Palmer

Secret Group of Brown Kids at the Movies
Secret Group of Brown Kids

3BlackGeeks Podcast
Dee Shaw, Arris Waterman, Christopher Powell

Munsons at the Movies
Munsons at the Movies

Nexus Wandler Podcasts
Nexus Wandler

Suck My Dick Kill Myself
Owen, Kellen and Mattspew

Hello! This is the Doomed Show.
Richard Schmidt

Thirty Minute Reviews
Adam Taylor and Josie May

DC Cinematic Minute
Dueling Genre Productions

Une invention sans avenir
Sans Avenir Productions

The WatchWell Podcast
Parker Brown and Nik Sloan

Box Office Culture
United Theatre Podcast Network & Tony Nunes

Philosophy In Film
Chris McTavish and Alain Beauclair

Sham Zaman reviews films
Sham Zaman

THIS IS MY CREATION: Michael Arruda on Movies
Michael J Arruda

Post Credit Depression
Frog, Duck, Platypus

To Cinema With Love Podcast
To Cinema With Love Podcast

Post Show Recaps: TV & Movie Podcasts from Josh Wigler and Friends
Josh Wigler and Friends

The Other Half
The Other Half

Bis zur Glotze

Horror Movie Crew Studios
Horror Movie Crew