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Film History Podcasts

Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Film History:


B.O. Boys (Movie Box Office)
Pat and Clayton


Spoiler Tracks
Spoiler Time


Forgotten Hollywood
JLJ Media

Horror Hangover
Cass Clarke & Ry Bradley

Trench coat, cigar, Peugeot: Wandering with Columbo
Paul & Liz McDade

The Hong Kong On Screen Podcast
Hong Kong On Screen

Heart Of It All
Liz Pahl

Os 33
Mayara Arcuri

Films of 1991
Lewis Scott

Ramblings With Jay Finlayson
Swept Aside Productions

Dennis & Shawn

Eat The Pictures

The Film Detective Podcast
The Film Detective


Better Than The Movie
Chris and Jon

Dismembered: A Podcast Taking Apart Horror
Dismembered Podcast

The Reel Dudes
The Reel Brothers

You Already Know with Kenan Thompson & Tani Marole
You Already Know with Kenan Thompson and Tani Marole

Kaiju Karnage: A Godzilla/King Kong Podcast
Michael Kal Woodman

The James Bond A-Z Podcast
The James Bond A-Z Podcast

[deeper & deeper] An Unofficial Adult Swim Podcast
TueDank, Leafylinn & DankFarrik

Project 1982
Michael Shantz and Matthew Aldrich