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A new crime, every time. Each episode of ALLEGEDLY tells the story of a true crime through an interview with someone connected to the crime. Episodes include immersive sound design, actor portrayals in scripted segments, and original music.
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Dead In The Water Episode One
Saturday, 28 January, 2023

Episode One of Voyage Media's new true crime podcast, Dead In The Water.A frightening glimpse at the future has Maree recounting the life-or-death danger she found herself in from her husband Damien. Prior to meeting Damien, Maree was wealthy, recently laid off, and single. She was ready to find love and go on an adventure. Enter Damien - an eccentric but confident sailor who could seemingly give Maree that adventure, he even had a yacht they could sail around the world in. Maree's friends notice red flags about Damien, but Maree ignores the red flags, and makes the worst decision of her life.You can find the rest of the series at or just search "Dead In The Water" from Voyage Media anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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