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Welcome to Candycast! Candycast is a sweet, fun, and engaging podcast related to all things Candybox marketing! This podcast series you will hear from multiple Candyboxers, clients and industry experts talking about all things marketing and leadership! Our podcasts are not scripted, we are regular people who love to share marketing tips! We promise each episode will give you some sweet tips! Now sit back, grab something sweet to eat, and enjoy!
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S02E07: Resilience During The Pandemic.
Episode 7
Tuesday, 12 April, 2022

For CandyCast 2, our host for the entire season is our CEO & Founder, Darrell Keezer! Darrell will be speaking with various business leaders on how they grew their businesses through the pandemic. The purpose of this podcast series is to learn from high-level executives about their experiences growing through the pandemic, managing big teams and learning how to adjust to all changes within the business world. Guests in this season will include entrepreneurs, CEOs and other high-level executives. In our 7th and final episode of CandyCast2, "Resilience During The Pandemic." During our season finale, you will hear from our CEO Darrell and our brand manager Mahfuz discuss an overview of season 2, what we learned from the 5 CEOs Darrell interviewed and becoming resilient during a crisis.  Grab your favourite candy, sit back and enjoy! 🍭 Make sure to follow us on Instagram: @candycastclub


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