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Author: Kravten BigNose

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Fanboys United Episode 7: Co-op Zombie Shooting on Earthday!
Saturday, 28 March, 2009

This episode we are using the almighty Skype service, as we couldnt stand to fill our respective houses with garbage. This episode we talk about all the cool things at GDC, for all consoles. This includes a new console Onlive,Wii storage,Possible new Metal Gear and Fable and much more. On vs side, we pit the two top zombie shooting co op game, Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead. Which game should you and your friend(s) shoot zombies in the face? On reviews we got the verdict on the latest in monster breeding and battling franchise: Pokemon Platinum. Of course we have Big Noses picks, where our big nosed fanboy gives you the heads up on the coolest LittleBigPlanet Levels. hope you enjoy, please subsribe and feedback/comments are always welcomed.


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