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The 1st Mainstream Hip-Hop Wave Hit South Africa Harder Than A Cold Front, In The Middle Of A Global Warming Inspired June... Before We Knew It, Radio Stations, TV Channels & Clubs Were All Positioning Themselves To Become Conduits Through Which The Masses Could Access The Wave & Be A Part Of This Rapidly Growing Culture. As We Enter Into The 4th Golden Age Of Mzansi Hip-Hop; Led By The Insanely Gifted Talents Coming Straight Outta Pitori; We Present To You A Platform Curated For The World To Hear Our True Stories Through, From Pitori, To The World! A LoudBooth Podcast, Hosted By 2RU-STORI.
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Episode 2 | Tumisho "Al Ernee" Chidi
Episode 2
Sunday, 30 May, 2021

On This Episode Of New Pitori Road, 2RU-STORI Chops It Up With One Of The Most Intriguing Rough Diamonds To Come Out Of The Purple City In Recent Years - A Gifted Street Poet, Who Can Also Serenade & Harmonize Touching Melodies With The Best Of ‘Em - Al Ernee Is A Talent Who Fascinates Me A Lot As A Hip-Hop Purist, Due To How He’s Now Firmly In The Cutting Stage Of His Come-Up Journey & Consciously Taking Control Of His Own Destiny In The Process... Much Like A Real-Life Diamond, Young Jewels On The Come-Up Often Undergo A Strenuous Process That’s Always Curated To Shape Them For Their Great Destinies, As Beautiful Diamonds That Display The Splendour Of The Land From Whence They Came. Everything Is All Beginning To Come Together Like Pieces To A Puzzle; The Planning Stages Of Long Hours Spent Absorbing Game From Neighbourhood OGs, The Cleaving Process Of Communing With Fellow Artists To Sharpen His Own Tools, The Painful Bruiting That Came With Refining His Unique Style, The Patient Hours Spent Polishing Off The Audio Mixes, All Leading Up To That Final Inspection Process Of Playing The Project Back On Loop To Feel It How The Listeners Will Feel It; Everything Was Important To Ensure That His Debut Project Love Or Hate Me Sonically Encompasses All Of Who Al Ernee Is As A Multi-Faceted Musical Artist, While Also Poetically Breaking Down Who Tumisho Chidi Is As A Young Man Learning To Make His Own Way Through Life. I Pray This Brief Chat With The Young Blud Gives You Further Insight Into One Of The Brightest Stars Rising Into The New Pitori Stratosphere, Despite Being Under The Weather, Ernee Pulled Through For This One & We 2ruly Appreciate Him Sharing His Story Thus Far. Danko! Al Ernee IG | @certifiedhitmaka & Twitter | @AlErnee_ You Can Also Follow Ernee On SoundCloud To Hear All His Latest Releases | #NewPitoriRoad #LoudBoothPodcasts #SuperCreativeFC #AlErnee #FromPitoriToTheRest


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