Aw, Did I Audit That? - Netflix's Floor is Lava  

Aw, Did I Audit That? - Netflix's Floor is Lava

Author: Michael Resnick

A thorough and unofficial review of Netflix's 2020 hit reality game show, Floor is Lava. Hosted by Michael Resnick and Andrew Fernandez.
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S1E8 - The Basement: Level 2
Wednesday, 3 March, 2021

The boys (Michael and Andrew) are back in lava town. They discuss Rutledge Wood anagrams and Rutger Hauer movies. Andrew fleshes out his philosophy of teamwork and the significance of the cuck, shares a story about when he bet Ronnie Vannucci Jr., The Killers’ drummer, ten dollars, and explains something incredibly simple to Michael. Michael gets a new microphone then goes back to his old one which is much better. And of course they thoroughly review episode eight of Netflix's Floor is Lava, re-rank all the contestants—as well as Danny Glover and Cheyenne Perez—and determine their own winner.


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