True Crime Story Time With Lavera Neshay  

True Crime Story Time With Lavera Neshay

Author: Lavera Neshay

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Bennington Triangle Disappearances
Friday, 16 December, 2022

“Beginning in November 1945 through October 1950, five people — ages 8- to 74-years-old — went missing in the area. One was an experienced hunting guide and another was a 53-year-old woman described as an experienced camper and hiker who knew the area like the back of her hand. I’ve hiked Vermont’s Long Trail myself and there are places where you get a feeling of being watched by someone or some “thing.” In 2008, an instructor at Bennington College and experienced hiker got lost on the mountain, later recounted his strange experiences and swore he would never again hike the trail alone.” I went to Wikwpedia and located this area to be in Vermont. --- Send in a voice message:


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