Public Health Careers  

Public Health Careers

Author: Omari Richins, MPH

Omari Richins, MPH, the Founder of The Public Health Millennial platform, chats with professionals and students to hear their unique and diverse public health career stories with tips and insights to help you along your public health career journey. This show is for anyone interested in public health or related fields. It covers stories, live sessions, and other relevant public health content. It offers insightful stories, career strategies, actionable tips, and resources to assist you in taking the next step in your public health career. You'll learn about the importance of public health, public health issues, and what you can do with your degree in public health. Whether you are a new public health student or professional, this show will surely have helpful stories and tips you won't want to miss.
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Benefits of Asking Questions on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Tips | Public Health Chat 6
Thursday, 28 September, 2023

Are you struggling to know what to post on LinkedIn? Well start with asking questions. Asking questions are a great way to get more comfortable and confident in speaking to your LinkedIn network.YouTube (Video Version): your question, topic, feedback: 800+ people in our email blasts: with me: Introduction@0:43 Benefit of asking questions on LinkedIn@1:35 The power of asking questions on LinkedIn example@3:19 How you can ask a question@5:23 Resharing the question you asked@6:37 Be consistent with asking questions @7:08 Recap and support usJob search excel spreadsheet [FREE}: Resume Templates [FREE]: to network on LinkedIn in 2023: the showThanks for tuning in. Let's all work together towards a culture of health, wellbeing, and equity for all. ⭐⭐ SUBSCRIBE & Leave a 5-STAR REVIEW! ⭐⭐ Follow & Support:- Contribute to the show (one-time or monthly)- The Public Health Millennial on IG - The Public Health Millennial on LinkedIn - The Public Health Millennial Website- Omari Richins, MPH on LinkedIn- Support on The Public Health Store


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