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Ep. 16 - Birth Meditation | Mother Earth and Creation of Life
Episode 16
Wednesday, 3 August, 2022

In this meditation, we will feel the connection of all the magic of pregnancy and the birth of a divine being on Earth, where we align with the frequency of unconditional love expanding consciousness in all the chakras of the mother, father, and baby. To the sound of heartbeats, dolphins, and celestial energy, this meditation is dedicated to all mothers who are in the gestation period, and to all who feel the need to reconnect with their birth, purifying, and healing generations and memories in their DNA. Aloha!  In honor of my big soul sister who helped me channel this meditation and all the women and families who are part of this new generation.  Sound Healing: Dolphin Dreams by Jonathan Goldman ______ Follow us: @_marciabello | @emana.project


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