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Author: Julie Ngalle

A space for juicy conversations about politics, society and the many joys of life. Host: Julie Ngalle Stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Youtube
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Episode 10: An honest conversation about mental health
Episode 10
Thursday, 14 July, 2022

Today we are back with no guests for the first time as I open up about my experience dealing with anxiety and overall poor mental health. From triggers such as pressure, loneliness and intrusive thoughts but also just not feeling okay at times, I’m hoping this episode can contribute to starting more conversations around mental health and as always, lifting some taboo around the topic.  Trigger Warning:  5:08: fears and mentions of death and death anxiety 5:23 - 5:41: death 7:08 - 7:47: social anxiety 10:21 - 10:37: low moods and suicidal thoughts 16:47 - 17:26: suicidal thoughts 19:28 - 19:32: suicidal thoughts 33:40: suicidal thoughts Mental Health Support:  Mind:  Samaritans (24h support): SANE: Mental Health Foundation: Black Minds Matter: The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network: Stonewall: The Trevor Project: LGBT Foundation:


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