CDA 2019 Annual Conference - Interviews with presenters  

CDA 2019 Annual Conference - Interviews with presenters

Author: Canadian Dermatology Association

This podcast series features in-depth one-on-one interviews with presenters at the Canadian Dermatology Associations 2019 Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta. CDA president Kerri Purdy guides the conversations with prominent leaders, innovators and researchers in the field of dermatology and medicine. From the role of human skin microbes in eczema to the future of healthcare, this series offers those who attended the conference an opportunity to dig deeper into the topics that were presented. And for those who could not make it, this series offers a sample of what you missed.
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Melanoma And Cancer Vaccines
Episode 6
Monday, 26 August, 2019

Dr. Patrick Ott speaks with Dr. Kerri Purdy about the Herculean effort currently underway to design a vaccine against melanoma. Developing a vaccine for melanoma is particularly challenging because it needs to be different for every person. Dr. Ott discusses: How personalized neopeptide antigen vaccines are made specifically for each individual patient. The challenge they face implementing this in the clinic because in metastatic melanoma it can take 2-3 months to sequence the specific tumour and make the vaccine Cancer patients who have more neoantigens have better T-cell responses Newer cancer vaccines using neoantigens to drive T-cells into the tumour and trigger an immune response are more effective than those designed two decades ago We now want to use the vaccines in a metastatic setting with improved delivery of the vaccine and use of adjuvants We can use molecular tools to show that vaccines can drive T-cells into the tumour. Dr. Ott is Clinical Director of the Melanoma Center and the Center for Immuno-Oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He is a physician and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


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