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A podcast all about ska music, talking about ska, interviewing bands, and keeping you up to date on new music & events in the ska community!
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Girth Control (EP.195)
Wednesday, 21 February, 2024

This week we chat with Girth Control! Mark, Jay and Bob join us to discuss how they got together, the origin of the band’s name and their upcoming new album, Life’s Too Short for Girth Control. We also discuss the ska scene of upstate New York , ska band mascots, Ska News and our Ska Picks of the Week! Girth Control: On The Upbeat:  The Ska Mailman: Ska News…… -Call Me Malcolm -Cartoon Violence -Mutiny Spotify playlist Ska Favorites: ⁠⁠  Ska News Theme by Dang!t: ⁠⁠ Main Theme by Millington: ⁠⁠


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