Author: Mikey Ingham

My personal life experiences. I will discuss being a kid in the 1980s, Parenting, (then and Now), having kids of my own, sharing custody, parental alienation, depression, anxiety, custody issue, court battles, zero dollar paychecks, establishing and reestablishing parent child relationships, when the mothers of my children became best friends vs. When I found out they were, further down the line I will discuss everyone is best friends, I never had a best friend. My father's goes missing is another topic further on down the road, being struck by two vehicles one being a Samari, my earliest memories, and all the things I don't remember, movies I was too young to see in theatre, Roller Town, four years of head gear and braces, Oregon trail and O'Dell Lake, 4th grade living with my teacher, IMPERSONATIING ALF IN 4TH GRADE,, MY SCHWINN HAT, MY HIDEOUS SMILE, HOW I BECAME PRESIDENTIN IN 6TH GRADE(RIGGED) ,when MY mother abandoned me, and when she kidnapped me back. Plus I will discuss finding out that's not my dad, my teddy bear, Chuckie, WWE LIVE APRIL OF 87 AT FRESNO SELAND ARENA, THE MOVIE PLATOON, 2 WEEKS IN THE BAY AREA, LEARNING HOW TO WALK N TALK ALL OVER AGAIN, NEW STEP DAD, ANGRY AT 14, DEPRESSION, DROPPING OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL, FIRST JOB(S), EXPERIMENTING WITH GIRLS AND WEED, WHEN I LOST MY VIRGINITY, BEING SAVED, FEELING ON FIRE, THE ATTORNEY SPLILAVO, AFFAIRS, HEARTACHE,LOSS AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
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Recent discovery and honest admission that I got a gambling problems and what I did about it
Episode 2
Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

I have a problem gambling have a problem winning and I have a problem not being able to leave until I have to leave the casino cuz I don't have any money I have no choice and I'm notorious for spending my entire income trying to chase that money that I got that I didn't leave with this is a reach out to people in a cry for help to fight addiction weathers gambling sex drugs alcohol or what not and I know it's supposed to be funny or it's supposed to be a comedy podcast but I know that and I also know that you have some of the most funniest jokes are from all the most all the real jokes all the real fine he's all come from real experiences if you like stories in man I knew it was going to happen and it happened and it's all on the podcast so comment join me share whatever you whatever whatever you're going to say to do go with your guts God bless


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