The Plant Spirit Podcast  

The Plant Spirit Podcast

Author: Sara Artemisia

Connect with plant consciousness and the healing wisdom of Nature. In the Plant Spirit Podcast, we explore how to deepen in relationship with plants and Nature consciousness through topics and modalities including: plant spirit herbalism, flower essences, the interconnected web of life, plant spirit medicine, the multidimensional nature of reality, plant communication, plant allies, sacred geometry, mysticism and abundance in Nature, the plant path as a spiritual path of awakening, and how plants are supporting the transformation of consciousness on the planet at this time. Our expert guests include spiritual herbalists, flower essence practitioners, curanderas, plant spirit healers, alchemists, nature spirit communicators, ethnobotanists, and plant lovers who walk in deep connection with the plant realm. Check out more on IG @multidimensional.nature and on Sara Artemisias website at
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Flower Folklore: Windows of Connection with Nina Veteto
Episode 50
Monday, 18 September, 2023

#50 – What are the secrets of the wildflowers? Join us for an amazing conversation with Forager, Plant Lover, and Artist Nina Veteto on how plant lore helps us connect with each other and the green world. In this episode, Nina shares her love of flower folklore and how we are wired to connect to the plants through stories. She also offers key insights into how stories provide a way of accessing our heart connection with the green world, and she shares the secret folklore and lineage of her family’s history with Violet, one of her most beloved plant allies. Nina Veteto is a long time forager, explorer, plant lover & art maker. She’s the Founder of Blue Ridge Botanic and lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains surrounded by the inspiration and materials that she brings to her art. Nina loves growing plants & flowers, making art and teas, and sharing about flower folklore. A former public school teacher and environmental educator, she has turned her passion for plants and their stories into a successful Instagram series called “Secret Stories of the Wildflowers,” which has gained over 100k followers to date. She has also just launched a new substack called Flora and Forage, where she shares articles on foraging, plant ID, folklore, conservation issues, flower fairies, wild tea, and more.You can find Nina at: Instagram: and Forage newsletter on Substack: more info visit Sara's website at: IG: group: how to communicate with plant consciousness in the free workshop on How to Learn Plant Language:


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