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empowering artists to revolutionize the modern music industry. we're your relatable "let's rant about classical music podcast." we see you, we hear you & were here for the good, bad and the uglybut mostly the ugly
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Episode #6: "Who the f*** said you can only have one passion?" - Conversation with Zach Goldman
Sunday, 11 December, 2022

Why is the music industry so slow to change? As singers, do we really create art, or are we just reproducing it? Why does a music major feel so isolating? And why are we expected to be grateful for the opportunity to work too hard for little pay?Today Natasha and John sit down with a friend of the pod, Zach Goldman, to talk about sacrificing stability to follow your passions.  Why are young artists led to believe that music must be above everything else in life? Why must we adhere to a certain path to follow our passion, and what does it mean to define your own success?  Listen in as we talk about these issues and how to feel fulfilled from music without sacrificing so much for the industry.Follow us on social, and please RATE and REVIEW wherever you are listening!FB: The Offbeat Musician PodcastIG: @theoffbeatmusicianpodcast


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