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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Right Where You Are Sitting Now is an online magazine that explores the weirder side of the world we live in. From fringe musicians to cults, from alternative thinkers to Magickbasically if its coming from a fresh, funny or different perspective, we are interested in it! Although we are a relativley young and underfunded project, RWYASN strives to bring you the latest in alternative, underground and countercultural goings-on.
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Mutter Boxx – Episode 05 Julian Vayne: Christmas, Dammit!
Wednesday, 28 December, 2016

  After months of drought, Josh smokes too much reefer and exposes how little he knows about life outside the US while talking to author and occultist Julian Vayne about drugs, being thankful, a new system for voting, and how to get high off a bottle of soda pop. STUFF WE TALK ABOUT: Psychoactive Substances Act, Miracle berries, Cake, Phil Hine digging for gold, Erik Davis' Techgnosis, astral projection, MAPS, UNM's psychedelic research, Francis Crick (debunked, like a boss), brain-to-brain interfacing. READ JULIAN: The Blog of Baphomet Chaos Streams 01 Books by.. WATCH JULIAN: Scroll of Thoth appearance Psychedelic Museum Project


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