Artist On The Rise  

Artist On The Rise

Author: Dayday_music

Tap in, with upcoming artist from across the globe. This channel will feature 1 on 1 interviews with artists, meaning of lyrics, music reviews and live performances you won't want to miss. Artwork by JayRoddy, Host Dayday_music
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Artist On The Rise Season 2 Ep. 3 Interview W/Special Guest ‘NRE Jamal’
Episode 3
Friday, 15 July, 2022

‘NRE Jamal’ has been on an absolute tear lately, Starting 2022 with a bang! New York Artist NRE Jamal recently dropped his latest single Shake Dat ft. Syre & Bambino NYC. He shared an upcoming release of his, which is currently available on SoundCloud and will be dropping to all platforms shortly. We discussed a little about NRE Jamal’s Background and how it had an impact on him and his music. Also talked about his team and the things they do to help advance his career. Search NRE Jamal On all platforms!


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