Champs in the Making - Ranking Every Pokémon  

Champs in the Making - Ranking Every Pokémon

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Episode #72
Episode 72
Sunday, 20 November, 2022

With no one around to stop them, Claudia and Jory send all your favorites to super hell. Yes you, the one reading this specifically. Champs in the Making is a show where a plethora of Moonshot hosts and guests check in whenever they can to argue about a bracket of all 800+ Pokémon. Which pocket monster will be the very best when it's all over? You can listen to episodes early by supporting the network at $1+ a month, and this public feed is updated every other Monday! Today's hosts are: Claudia: @PunkDyke Jory: @noimjory Our theme music is Trapped in a Pokéball feat. Belthesar, by DJ CUTMAN courtesy of Game Chops. Our art is by @_Mnots.


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