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Abdul Basit

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Abdul Basit is born in a small village called Armant in Egypt in 1927, Qari Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad, or simply known as Abdul Basit was a renowned Qari. He was mesmerized by the recitation of Muhammad Rifat and succeeded in memorizing the Quran in all the seven different styles. He led the Tarawih at the young age of 14 in local mosques during Ramadan. His listeners were always captivated by his recitation, tone and the application of the rules of Tajweed. Best known for his recitation of Surah Fatihah, his style is quite unique due to which he won three world Qirat competitions in the 1970s. The trend of commercializing ones recordings started with Sheikh and he was the first president of the Reciters Union in Egypt.
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