Well Capitalized  

Well Capitalized

Author: MCM Capital Partners

Selling a company is something most business owners will only encounter once in their lifetime. Over the years, we've met with thousands of business owners and noticed that the same questions and concerns come up repeatedly. To that end, we've launched our Well Capitalized Interview Series to help demystify the process of selling one's business. We interview private equity investors, business owners who have partnered with private equity groups, and professionals well-versed in legal, tax, accounting, environmental and other aspects of business transactions.
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Business Owner Interview: First 100 Days With Private Equity
Thursday, 12 November, 2020

What really changes at a company after being acquired by an outside investor? The answer largely depends on the acquirer. We interviewed Matt O'Donnell, founder of North Shore Commercial Door, on his experience selling his business to private equity backed strategic Torsion Group Corp. Matt discusses the timing of the transaction, some of the emotions he dealt with throughout the negotiation process, trying to juggle running the business while negotiating the sale, and gives some advice for business owners contemplating a similar transaction. 1:50 - What made it the right time for Matt to sell his business?3:15 - What to look for in a strategic partner4:15 - Transitioning into his new role with Torsion Group Corp7:08 - What emotions did he deal with throughout the negotiation process?12:35 - His goals for the company and how partnering with a PE backed strategic will help serve those goals moving forward15:40 - His experience running the day-to-day operations of the company while being immersed in the M&A transaction process16:34 - Advice for business owners contemplating an exit and things he wish he'd known more about prior to entering into the negotiation processFor further discussion on the M&A process, please visit


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