Indie Game Movement - The podcast about the business and marketing of indie games.  

Indie Game Movement - The podcast about the business and marketing of indie games.

Author: Andrew Pappas, Game Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Andrew Pappas, founder of RenGen Marketing helps take indie devs and their games to a whole new level by discussing business best practices and sharing marketing strategies and tips to better navigate the world of indie game marketing. Regardless if youre an indie dev starting out or a veteran small team, the topic discussions apply to anyone wanting to better understand the online environment and stand out in a saturated market. A marketer since 2011, Andrew has found a passion for applying his knowledge by empowering and educating the indie dev community. Between the years of his experience and interviews with respected industry veterans, youll learn about online marketing, email marketing, crowdfunding, paid advertising, community development, social media, community outreach, project management, and much more. All episodes are packed with helpful information and actionable steps that can give you the confidence you need when it comes to your business and indie game marketing. Hit subscribe and get ready to become part of the indie game movement.
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Ep 344 - Creating Impact Using a Diversified Approach with Anisa Sanusi
Episode 344
Monday, 15 April, 2024

Within the game industry, underrepresented voices face formidable obstacles, hindering their progress and potential. Amidst these challenges, fostering empathy and embracing diversified approaches offer transformative solutions. Explore the power of mentorship, the impact of empathy, and the role of diversity in shaping a vibrant, inclusive gaming community. Episode Shownotes Link:    


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