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There are two Podcast Segments on Breezy ArtDrop Podcast: 1. BAMUPDATES, this podcast focuses more on the works of Our African-Ghanaian Descent Artistes and Entertainers in the Diaspora. 2. LET'S TALK IT, this podcast is an open discussion podcast where we talk about the way of life of our People, including our lifestyle, Culture, Relationships, Marriage, Food, Dance, Superstitions, History, Business, Trade, Education, Beliefs, Sports and Entertainment... Check out our YouTube Channel Video Content. Support this podcast:
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African Descents and The Youth of Africa Can Change The Narrative
Episode 4
Thursday, 25 May, 2023

This interview was inspired by Mr. Gerald Boykins' journey experiences during his visits to six African countries, including Ghana. In this video, we delve into the significance of collaboration between individuals of African descent and young Africans, aiming to forge a better future for the continent. We discuss the importance of working together to foster development, harmony, and the potential improvements that cooperation can bring to African societies. Join us on BAMUPDATES as we embark on a journey with Mr. Gerald Boykins (Businessman-USA) and Mr. Breezy from Bam Updates. Together, we explore the lives of inspiring individuals and organizations that are already making a positive impact, while discovering how you too can contribute towards creating a brighter future for Africa. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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