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HelloFounder is a podcast for Aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs The podcast was created to help provide actionable information aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs can use to have an easier start to launching their own online business or growing their new online business We discuss questions and challenges you have and face around starting and growing a new online business The podcast is owned by The HelloFounder Company co-founded by Diamond Okoh and Kieva Chris-Amusan
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Take care of yourself boo
Episode 8
Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

When starting a business or growing one, we often fall for the RA RA mood of it all. We find ourselves pushing harder and harder sometimes out of full motivation, other times because we want to be seen as being consistent and other times, to meet our goals. We are plagued with the whole “sleep 4 hours a day” hustle mentality that in my experience, does us no good. If you are starting a business or growing one, am essential part of what we do is SELF CARE. You should never put yourself second to your goals and your business. As hard as it may be. To join us in Hellofounder , go to and click on SIGN UP. You can find us on YouTube as HelloFounder, On instagram also as


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