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A podcast on everything weird. UFO's, Hauntings, Mysterious Disappearances, True Crime. And inappropriate jokes to cope.
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Episode 197 - Cryptids of the Inuit People
Saturday, 25 March, 2023

This shit is cool as hell Patreon - BUY OUR MERCH - Special thanks to our sponsors this episode - EVERYONE AT HTTP://PATREON.COM/CHILLUMINATIPOD Canva - Jesse Cox - Alex Faciane - Editor - DeanCutty Art Commissioned by - Theme - Matt Proft End song - POWER FAILURE - Video - LINKS: Jesse 10:47pm 11:10pm Jesse 11:13pm Mike Erqigdlit 11:13pm Fanart of the first one - 11:25pm Jesse 11:28pm Mike Ugjuknarpak 11:29pm 11:30pm Jesse 11:31pm Mike Josephoartigasia monesi 11:32pm 11:37pm Mike A-Mi-Kuk 11:43pm 11:44pm Mike 11:44pm 11:49pm Jesse 11:50pm Mike Qallupilluit 11:52pm 11:52pm Jesse 11:55pm 11:56pm Mike 11:58pm Jesse


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