Honey, I'm Home  

Honey, I'm Home

Australias first beekeeping podcast.

Author: Jye Smith, Benjamin Durie

Australia's first beekeeping podcast Honey, I’m Home is Australia’s first podcast for anyone who wants to get into beekeeping.  The podcast features interviews with bee experts government leaders, professors and doctors across all levels of beekeeping.  Benjamine Durie is a Public School Principal in northern New South Wales, and Jye Smith is an ad-man and podcast producer from the city of Sydney.  We're committed to helping every Australia understand, protect and be educated about one of Australia’s most important insect, the bee. Passionate about educating broader communities on the environmental impact of bees and beekeeping in Australia, Benjamin and Jye met during an innovation program for schools and discovered a joint passion for exploring new fields.  Join our growing creative community at You're Good, Get Better Produced by Jye Smith who you can connect with on Instagram or Twitter Benjamin Durie is the founder of The Humble Hive Collective Bee Advertisements by Rob Peters   Artwork by Jean Heaton Keep in touch with Jye via the newsletter
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Inventor of the Flow Hive - Cedar Anderson
Episode 8
Monday, 5 October, 2020

Our guest today can best be described as? a) Humble Hippie b) CEO c) Inventor d) Indiegogo Record Breaker or e) Beekeeper. What about all of the above! Join with us today as we chat to Cedar Anderson co-inventor of the Flow Hive, a revolutionary honey extraction system that many have described as the most significant advance in beekeeping in the last 150 years. We talk with him about all things beehives, beginnings and beekeeping, we even try and ask some questions outside the box. Support the show: for privacy information.


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