Meditation Peace - Guided Meditations audio podcast  

Meditation Peace - Guided Meditations audio podcast

Peace Meditations

Author: Meditation Society of Australia

Meditation Peace is a series of guided meditations for inner and outer peace. Most of the guided meditations are from the extremely popular free meditation classes offered by the Meditation Society of Australia.
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When you look outside how much of 'you' exists out there?
Thursday, 26 June, 2014

All the things that you see, do they help define who you are? The sounds you hear, the things that you touch, do any of those define you? Yet the mind comes out through the physical senses. It paints pictures of the world outside of you and actually creates a sense of 'you' that exists in that world. This 'you' is your ego. It is nothing more than a construct of your mind, no more real than the illusion a projector assembles from transparent plastic.   For this exercise, we will make the leap between the 'constructed ego' and our real nature that is our heart. Let's begin by analyzing this idea a little more. Gently repeat to yourself "Who am I? Am I defined by the things that I see? by the sounds that I hear? by the fragrances that I smell?" The answer should obviously be a resounding 'No!". So then firmly and calmly go through the process of rejecting the egoic construct of you. "The real me is not outside of me. The real me is not even the things that I do." "I am not the body" - and try consciously to let go of all your body consciousness. Your attachment to the way you look, the food you eat, your age etc. "The real me is not even defined by the thoughts constructed by these things" "I am not the mind" - and let go of superficial and even, finally, all thought.  "I am the soul" - and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to the real centre of your own existence. A place beyond all the egoic constructions and free of all material, physical or emotional attachments. A silent place within that is your window to the kingdom of heaven within us all. Try to consciously stop allowing the mind to flow outwards and direct it inward. Ask your mind to entertain the idea that inside is your real self. Ask it not to travel outside but to journey within to find the real you. This will take much practice as you might imagine as we have all become very accomplished at the egoic construction of us, now we have to become experts in the heart construction, the spiritual construction of us. Rejoice and realize that heaven is here, now.


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