As A Matter Of Fact... With Andrew Cuomo  

As A Matter Of Fact... With Andrew Cuomo

Author: Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo, the trusted voice who calmly guided not just New Yorkers but the nation through the historic Covid pandemic, is bringing his "giving it to you straight" approach to podcasting. A career politician, the Governor knows a thing or two about navigating the political landscape. Tune in to listen to him dissect some of the biggest political headlines, engage in frank discussions with spirited guests, and offer his unique guidance on many current issues. As a Matter of Fact...airs weekly.
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Midterm Elections with Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly & Pollster Frank Luntz
Episode 3
Thursday, 3 November, 2022

On this episode of “As A Matter Of Fact...” with host Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Governor breaks down the issues concerning Americans across the nation as we head into Midterm Elections. Governor Cuomo is joined by former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and renowned Pollster and Political Consultant Frank Luntz to discuss the current political landscape.


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