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The Medium Matters is a weekly podcast filled with supernatural and paranormal stories and experiences as told by creator and host, Shantel. WANT TO HEAR ABOUT hauntings, readings with loved ones that have crossed over, poltergeist activity, ghosts and more? Tune in every Tuesday at 8pm CT and be sure to SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE. WANT TO BE PART OF THE SHOW? Send your written or voice recorded paranormal stories to for a chance to be featured on an episode of The Medium Matters podcast.
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S3 Ep7: S3:E7 The "A" To Your "Q" Part 2
Episode 7
Tuesday, 24 March, 2020

On this episode of The Medium Matters we are diving in like Olympians and answering questions from our friends to the show.  Want to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried or what’s going on at Area 51?  Well, me too, but that’s not this.     Want to hear about how to call on your guides, why people can’t remember details of a traumatic incident and how to attract love and positivity into your world?  That I can do.  Tune into another can’t-miss episode of The Medium Matters and get your answer on.     This week’s can’t-resist crystal is the one and only Molybdenite.  Learn more about this and other crystals with Cassandra Eason’s The Complete Crystal Handbook.   Can't get enough of The Medium Matters?  Follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, Patreon and our website for extra goodies and behind-the-scenes fun.    Still not enough?  Check out the show’s sister content on YouTube’s So Shantel channel for even more behind-the-scenes goodies.     Want to do what The Medium Matters does?  Visit our Amazon store and shop our everyday favorites including books, crystals, sage and so much more.   The Medium Matters is available on all major podcast apps.  Listen, subscribe and be sure to leave a rating and review for this and other podcasts.   Hosted By: Shantel 


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