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How a DEFIANT Trump Critic FLIPPED on the Never-Trump Movement | Guest: Harmeet Dhillon | 7/17/24
Episode 5
Wednesday, 17 July, 2024

It’s been five days since the former president was almost assassinated, but we know nearly nothing about what happened. Is it possible that this was a planned attack? Liz Wheeler, BlazeTV host of upcoming “The Liz Wheeler Show,” joins BlazeTV host of “Blaze News Tonight” Jill Savage and Blaze Media editor in chief Matthew Peterson to ask the question: Can sheer incompetence explain everything, or is something more sinister being covered up? Blaze News senior politics editor and Washington correspondent Christopher Bedford joins live from day three of the Republican National Convention to discuss President Biden breaking his promise to turn down the political heat by lying about Project 2025. Christopher also premiered his interview with athlete and activist Riley Gaines. National correspondent for Blaze Media Julio Rosas joins to discuss why Black Lives Matter protesters hit the streets at the RNC. Next, Center for American Liberty CEO Harmeet Dhillon joins to discuss the backlash she received for praying the Sikh prayer on stage and the dismissal of Trump’s classified documents case. Steve Deace, BlazeTV host of the "Steve Deace Show,” joins to explain how Trump’s near-assassination made him become a staunch Trump supporter after previously being against his re-election. He also blasts pearl-clutching conservatives who admonished the RNC for their decision to invite Amber Rose to speak. Lastly, Blaze News managing editor Leon Wolf discusses part three of his chronicle of Dr. Richard Ebright’s fight to expose Dr. Fauci’s corruption.   Sponsor: We would like to thank Patriot Mobile for providing the Wi-Fi that is making this broadcast possible ALL convention long, and they want to thank you for supporting us with a special offer! Please go to for a free month of service.


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