My Journey as a Physicist  

My Journey as a Physicist

Author: Bryan Stanley & Huey-Wen Lin

What is life as a physicist is like? It is a little bit different for everyone. On each episode, a different physicist discusses their research, what got them interested in physics, obstacles they overcame, and what a typical day as a physicist looks like. They also provide tips and suggestions for students who may be interested in studying physics and becoming physicists. Physicists are people with lives outside of the lab too! Guests share about their interests and hobbies outside of research. Be sure to listen if you are interested in becoming a physicist too!
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Prof. Hiayan Gao (she/her): Season 3 Episode 12
Episode 12
Wednesday, 15 November, 2023

I am a Chinese-American physicist, and I love gardening, cooking, walking and music. I have joint appointments between Brookhaven National Lab and Duke University. I am an experimentalist, who uses electrons and photons as microscopes to look deeper and deeper inside protons and neutrons, which are the building blocks of atomic nuclei, to advance our understanding about the structure of visible matter. While visible matter is only several percent of our universe, we, humans are made of visible matter. I am fascinated by the fact that I am studying myself and that gives me great joy. This is the second time I served on the Long-Range Plan Writing Committee. My Journey as a Physicist is brought to you by PhD student ⁠Bryan Stanley⁠ (he/him/his) and Prof. ⁠Huey-Wen Lin⁠ (she/her). Season 3 is hosted by PhD student Bill Good and edited by Kiran Sakorikar. Season 3 consists of members of the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee Long Range Plan. If you like the podcast or have any suggestions for future improvement, please take a minute to use ⁠this form⁠ to let us know:


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