Secular Left  

Secular Left

Author: Douglas Berger

There is a well organized and well funded effort to gut the Bill of Rights in this country and in the age of Trump, secular people seem to taking it on the chin more often. Secular Left is meant to be the light in the fog of Christian Nationalism supporting the idea that toxic religious belief is the root of most social justice issues today.
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Maybe Drag Shows Should Hand Out Guns To Kids
Episode 55
Thursday, 9 March, 2023

Protestors on the left are more likely to be charged as domestic terrorists. MAGAs are more threatened by drag shows than guns and Universal vouchers reward conservative selfishness.Show Notes00:35 Protesting Cops Gets You A Terrorism Charge19:45 Maybe Drag Shows Should Hand Out Guns To Kids36:25 Universial Vouchers Take Money Away From Public SchoolsSupport the showCheck out our MerchFind us on Twitter(for now) Find us on InstagramFind us on Counter SocialFind us on Mastadon


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