The Dental Billing Podcast  

The Dental Billing Podcast

Author: Ericka Aguilar

The Dental Billing Podcast is here to give you tips, tricks, and billing hacks every dental biller needs to know. Whether you are a seasoned biller or you are new to the billing arena we have an episode for you. We are going to talk about everything dental billing with your host, Ericka Aguilar.
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The Power of Defensive Documentation and Avoiding Prison with Dr. Roy Shelburne
Episode 1
Monday, 11 September, 2023

Do you ever wonder about the intricacies of insurance claims and the importance of having proper documentation in dental practices? We bet our guest today, Dr. Roy Shelburne, can shine a light on that. A seasoned dentist, practice owner, and survivor of a healthcare fraud conviction, Dr. Shelburne's story is striking, a true eye-opener for other dental professionals, as he shares his experiences and the lessons he learned.Dr. Shelburne passionately dives into the world of healthcare fraud, defensive documentation, and the consequences of insufficient documentation. He emphasizes that everyone in the dental team should take responsibility, reflecting that there's no such thing as an innocent mistake in healthcare documentation. Together, we explore the complicated relationship between dental practices and insurance companies, discussing how insurance benefits can influence the care provided by dentists. To prevent falling into pitfalls, we underline the importance of understanding these benefits, accurate documentation, and the use of templates and drop-down boxes to support claims.Wrapping up this riveting conversation, we delve into the critical role of proper documentation in a dental practice for more than just ensuring payment. We also discuss how to utilize templates and flexible records to accurately reflect a patient's condition, and diagnosis, and how to navigate insurance company guidelines. This episode is brimming with valuable lessons from Dr. Shelburne, who now uses his experience to guide others in the industry. Don't miss it!Got questions for Dr. Shelburne? Connect with him @ Connect with Ericka on Email Ericka:billingcoach@dentalbillingcollege.comJoin us in the lab: Get your ticket to our next live event with Dr. Roy Shelburne: thedentalbillingcoach.comWould you like to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation? Spots are limited to 4 per month. Email your request


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