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Thursday, 28 June, 2012

Which factors have influence on the choice of an office? The answer is simple: all those contributing to our well being and productivity. We know that the "price" factor is more and more decisive, but more competitive professionals and companies face the office as an investment: the work they develop always passes through the office (whether a serviced or a virtual one) and we know we spend most part of our time in our work place. Let us star by the location. The ideal solution is to install our office close to home and at the same time close to our clients. Despite the technologies development, the personal contact with clients and partners still continues to be fundamental in many activities, and for those the time spend in dislocations is always important. The choice of renting a place seems to be the right one, facing the current conjuncture and the flexibility this model offers. Serviced Office, Virtual Office or Coworking? Depends on the defined objectives. Regardless of the conventional office is the most common choice, there is a growing tendency for the Virtual Office choice, not only for the inherent price (average amounts of 70€/80€ per month in our market), but also because it is the most rational choice for those who do not need a permanent office and want to use punctually work and meeting rooms, as well as to guarantee a secretariat support and a personalized telephone call 24h/7 days per week. On the contrary of what you may think, it is not only liberal professionals who choose the virtual office; multinationals use this model for a long time now: they can settle in a country in less than 24 hours insuring a prestige address to establish the companies head office (image and credibility reinforcement) professional secretariat and meeting rooms with state of the art technology. Responding to the new market tendencies, Business Centres are betting also on the Coworking, which may also be the right choice for many professional who work at home or at the client's premises. This model consists on renting a work place in an open-space, in a daily or monthly basis, with a turnkey service which may include internet connexion and access to work rooms. Main advantage? The cooperation environment which potentiates the networking among users and the possibility of using secretariat services rendered by the Business Centres.


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