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Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Crafts:


Then, Why Don't You
Rachel Okazaki

The Straight Stitch: A Podcast About Sewing and Other Fiber Arts.
Janet Szabo

The Carpentry Show
Fix Radio

Sew Mindful Podcast
Jacqui Blakemore

The UpCycle Canada Podcast: Your Eco-Friendly Inspiration
Dave and Jennifer Campbell : Eco-friendly

Creating, Living And Making Projects Podcast

Bor Kothoki - Let's Write a Poem
Mr. Pramathesh N. Borkotoky

Caithness Craft Collective

The Stone Carving and Lettering Takeaway
Nina Bilbey & Charlotte Howarth

Maker Chat
Maker Chat

Abenteuer Modellbau - Der Podcast
Daniel und Nils

The Stitch Up!
James and Jo

On Riting
On Riting staff


The Cosplay Collective NE
Cosplay Collective NE

Pillret & CO
Pillret & CO

Measure Twice, Cut Once
Susan Smith

Cast On
Brenda Dayne

Two Ewes Fiber Adventures
Kelly and Marsha

Handmade Business Secrets Podcast
Zach Vaught

Craft Cook Read Repeat

Das Holz der Anderen
Markus Fuchs und Arndt Michahelles

The Crochet Baes
Jessica Sellenberg