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Wilderness Podcasts

Here are some recently curated podcasts in the genre Wilderness:


Guerreiros Bushcraft

Climbing Gold
Duct Tape Then Beer

The Land Podcast - The Pursuit of Land Ownership and Investing
Jake Hofer

Adventure Strong

The Southern Outdoorsmen Hunting Podcast
Andrew Maxwell & Jacob Myers

Alpine Podcast
Alpine Mag

Waterpeople Podcast
Lauren L. Hill & Dave Rastovich - surf stories & ocean adventures

On The Horizon
Derrick Ratliff

Heartland Waterfowl - Behind The Blind
Heartland Waterfowl

Deer Society
The Deer Society

The My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast
Ryan & Kevin Collins

Murray's Fly Shop Fly Fishing Podcasts
Murray's Fly Shop

The Southern Collective Hunting Podcast
The Southern Collective

Trapping Today
Trapping Today

Metz Bets: A Horse Racing Podcast
Stove Leg Media

Buckmasters Outdoors Podcast

Montana Untamed
Montana Untamed

The ICEMEN a Podcast

The Greg Gardner Podcast
Greg Gardner

Up North Rocks
Mike Hyer

Tree my dog
Jeffrey Patton and David Gilbert

The Outdoor Gibbon
The Outdoor Gibbon

Inside The Line: The Catskill Mountains Podcast
Inside The Line: The Catskill Mountains Podcast