Between Me and You with Ieshia Danielle  

Between Me and You with Ieshia Danielle

Author: Ieshia Danielle

A podcast dedicated to fostering open and honest conversations about emotions and unspoken traumas. Each episode invites guests to share their personal stories and vulnerabilities, creating a safe space where listeners can articulate their own emotions and find solace in the shared struggles of others. Through raw authenticity and genuine connection, we explore the complexities of trauma and illuminate pathways to healing for both ourselves and those around us.
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Diary of a Runaway Teenager | Dealing with Depression | Ep. 10 w/ Charity Magee ( My Little Sister )
Episode 10
Sunday, 9 June, 2024

Have you ever felt like there was an anchor tied around your ankle dragging you to the depths of the ocean and you were just trying to come up for air? Charity shares her story of how dealing with depression throughout her middle school and high school years led her to want to run away both mentally and physically. Apple Podcast ➡️ Spotify ➡️ Free Affirmations ➡️ "Secure" Merch ➡️ We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below!


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