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Doug and Charlie, two friends an ocean apart have made their fair share of friends online. Now, as self-proclaimed "socialites" of the internet, they have taken it upon themselves to "invest in their parasocial relationships" with none other... than a podcast. Every week, Doug and Charlie take time to catch up with one of their online friends, both old and new to discuss a range of topics. From fame adjacency, to music and entertainment, no stone will go left unturned on Parasocialites.
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Episode 6
Thursday, 7 April, 2022

This week, in a last second audible, we catch up with your friend and ours, Rando. He's another friend we met on the internet and has a deep love and passion for professional wrestling. We catch up on his trip to this year's WrestleCon and hear some truly fascinating tales. If you're a wrestling fan, this one's for you. If you're not a wrestling fan, take a listen because we take some time to discuss why anyone would have this much love for professional wrestling in the first place.  If you're curious about wrestling and don't know where to start, check out these two videos recommended by Charlie:


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