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Heart Sense

Author: Riverann

Welcome to my podcast! Heart Sense is about remembering the Divine wisdom we were born with that leads to personal empowerment and transformation. We'll be discussing the changes taking place in ourselves and the world... As we shift paradigms escorting in a New Earth and a new way of being. We'll also be featuring a diverse group of guest artists and innovative leaders. They will be sharing their original music, art, humor, authentic conversations, and personal journeys. We'll enter the most sacred places of the heart as we access our innate wisdom and create a space for our highest potential. Heart Sense launched on Tuesday, March 1, 2022!
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Love Becomes Real in Worthiness
Episode 21
Friday, 16 February, 2024

This episode is a dive into romantic love and our own sense of worthiness around it. Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I love this person more than I’m loving myself?” What’s that about? It’s like the love is glued to some need representing an inside out, or upside down version this emotion. That part of us seeking a partner to validate our sense of self. Acknowledging our worthiness allows us to experience real love. It begins with a beautiful, loving relationship with self.  However, most of us have been looking for it outside of ourselves.Like Geppetto, the woodcarver who wanted a real boy. We are all in discovery, seeking to know ourselves better. Longing for what we feel depleted or void of. As we embrace our worthiness, our lives become abundantly rich. Because we realize, love, has always been present. Happy Valentines Day to yourself dear listeners!Music by Saith GangadeanCD - In The New Day SunSong: Child of the HeartSaithmusic.netSponsorsSkinplicity of SedonaManaging the Aging Process928-514-6120www.skinplicityofsedona.comThe Copper Heart Art for Heart SenseArtist Catherine StefanavageWebsite:  iamcatherine.comEmail: iamcatherine16@gmail.comA huge Thank You to all our Sponsors! And the Musicians who have provided original music for Heart Sense! Please go to their websites listed in the episode's Show Notes to purchase their music.If interested in the Heart Sense FB group, signing up for private podcasts and events, music concerts with featured musicians, or our monthly newsletter for members -- please email Riverann. Contact: or text me in the U.S. @ 928-451-3646


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