Reference Frames  

Reference Frames

Author: Will Riihiluoma and Ian McKeag

Reference Frames is a Physics podcast in which co-hosts Ian and Will seek to educate and entertain listeners about various Physics principles by using easy-to-understand popular media.Tweet at us with your Physics thoughts and questions! @PodcastFrames
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#21 Somewhere Under(standing) the Rainbow
Episode 21
Monday, 14 November, 2022

After her house lands on a witch somewhere over the rainbow, young Dorothy must walk the yellow brick road in her ruby slippers to the emerald city. Once there, she will turn away her blues by clicking her heels together and chanting "there's no place like home!" But how do these colors come into existence? That's the subject for learning in this episode of Reference Frames!Topics of DiscussionHappy birthday?Andor AND Rings of Power (shocking)Dorothy's trip to OzColors!Will's a big fan of these chartsRods and cones!The color's Dorothy didn't see...Brown.Purple Earth?We get Mythbustersy and bust a myth!As always, contact us on Twitter @podcastframes or email us at


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