Tune In: Discovering Your Authentic Self  

Tune In: Discovering Your Authentic Self

Author: Nicole Jensen

Tune In: Discovering Your Authentic Self
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#98 - Shadow Work
Monday, 13 May, 2024

Shadow work is like a flashlight for your mind. It helps you find and understand parts of yourself that you’ve forgotten or ignored. In this episode, we talk about how looking at these hidden parts can help you grow as a person. It’s like cleaning a wound so it can heal properly. By doing this, you can live a life that feels more real and true to who you are inside. This episode highlights how to explore your mind and accept all parts of yourself. When you understand and accept these parts, you can change in an honest and lasting way. It’s like becoming the best version of yourself.I trust you found this episode enlightening and stimulating. If you’re eager for more, subscribe to our podcast for regular updates. I’m always keen to hear your reflections and personal journeys. Connect with me on Instagram as @nicolereneejensen. For a deeper understanding of my work and how it can empower you, visit


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