Improv in Practice with Synergy Theater  

Improv in Practice with Synergy Theater

Author: Sarah Wilson

Interviews, inspiration, and information on Improvised "Improv" Theater, with Synergy Theater. Questions answered: Will an Improv class with Synergy Theater help you with public speaking? Help you think on your feet? Make you a better communicator? Boost your self-confidence and creativity? Yes, and... Our welcoming and supportive community and learning environment make us unique. It all begins with The Three Rules of Improv, honed by Synergy Theater Director Kenn Adams: 1) Be spontaneous. 2) Make you partner look good. 3) Build on your partner's idea. Improv in Practice offers interviews with Synergy Theater performers, students, and special guests. We explore improvisation from the point of view of the performer, the teacher, the student, and the audience. If you're wondering how you can try Improv for the first time, or how you can dig deeper into the art of improvisation, Synergy Theater is here for you. In addition to offering classes, Synergy Theater performs full-length improvised plays and strives to create theater with compelling characters, wonderful stories, and vibrant spontaneity. Our mission is to build a better world through improvisational theater. Find out how at
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Improv World Creation from A to Zombie with Adrián Bosada
Episode 24
Tuesday, 12 September, 2023

Valerie Jord and I are happy to present to you - Adrián Bosada, a performing member of Synergy Theater. We talk about Adrián's experiences in Improv, his journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and (from his study of animation to...) how Adrián uses physicality in Improv. Synergy Theater's "Z is for... Zombie" - An Improvised Zombie Apocalypse - begins October 19th, 2023, and runs through October 29th, at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek California. Get your tickets now! Go to, and click on Performances. Val and I hope that this interview with Adrián inspires you to take risks and give weight to your imagination as you create your worlds. Don't forget to do your Improv homework assigned in the intro! We'll see you in the theater!


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