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We are 'Brainscape' - The Glasgow University Psychology Society podcast. We make thought-provoking episodes which explore real-life applications of psychology research. Created by Amelia Hilton for the Glasgow University Psychology Society.
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LGBTQ+ History Month - GULGBTQ+ collab
Friday, 26 February, 2021

CW: Discrimination, Transphobia, Lesbophobia, Biphobia, Queerphobia, Misogyny, Blackface, Nazi mentions, Ableism, Mental health issues and Suicide. Brainscape are delighted to present this fabulosa LGBTQ+ History month special in collaboration with GULGBTQ+! After a quick game of 'Queer Quiztory', hear our first ever podcast relay we will be discussing disability and the queer community, mental health services for LGBTQ+ people, representations and exclusion of trans people in Psychology, how attraction studies exclude LGB people, the pathologisation of asexuality and the positive psychology Queer Joy movement. Episode google doc / resources Episode credits This podcast was written, hosted and recorded over zoom by: Judith Neve Ellie Brownlie Amelia Hilton Ally Lloyd Cameron Macalister Valentine Conlan Emyrs Woodward Tereza Valova Paul Skinner Emily Tunstall The Brainscape Podcast was created by Amelia Hilton This episode was edited and produced by Amelia Hilton, with original music by Jack Harding


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